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Mind Management

The circles and spirals of uncertainty running in our minds can keep us from true growth and progress.

The mind is one of the most extraordinary things in this universe. We are all guided by both nature and choice. The balance between accepting who we are and choosing who we want to be can be both beautiful and messy. Every day comes with the opportunity to choose our path (no matter how big or small) and sometimes, the choices ahead can seem too many or too great...and then the circles and spirals of thought begin. Usually, the spirals come with worry, fear, doubt, and anxiety all of which work to derail from our path.

Nonprofit work is stressful work because our decisions directly affect the well-being of those we are trying to serve, and that is a heavy load. But, there are ways to straighten the spirals and break the circles that keep us up at night. Chelsea Conrad of Proactive Happiness shares her tips and experience in our blog article "Mind Management"

Spiral Stairs
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