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Probably Asked Questions

Why does A Village for Good exist?

We exist because philanthropy can be a tough space to navigate. For the most part, development professionals devote their efforts to determining the best ways to help clients fit inside philanthropic traditions. There are a lot of tips and tricks and tools out there. But, learning how to hustle inside the system does not leave any energy to change the system...a system that has perpetuated race, income, and social inequalities. And, there seems to be more competition than connection among nonprofits and development professionals. We think working together might actually be possible!

How is a Village for Good different from other consulting agencies and grant writing groups?

We are striving to be a social enterprise business that leverages the privilege of some to benefit the greater good. While we are not a nonprofit, we are not looking to profit off of you. There are no experts here to tell you what to do and how to do it, but we are going to help find answers to questions and support you along your path...right where you are on your path. Everyone in the Village is working toward a common goal of making our world a better place. We all bring valuable experiences and perspectives.  We all deserve to grow in those experiences. Our goal is to cut through the noise of the "rules, strategies, and tradition" circling the nonprofit and philanthropic worlds. In the Village, you can take a breath, look around, and connect to the things that make sense for you or your organization.

I am a small nonprofit organization with a small budget. Do your services cost money?

Some do, some don't. We think everyone should have easier access to the resources that are already out there (and there are a lot out there!) so our resource guide is FREE! We research the resources for you so they are easier to find and digest. We know that the beginning stages of building your organization are hard and there are so many things to consider. We can help you through that stage and into grant readiness and grant writing. To get a better idea of what costs are associated with some of our services, look over the Benefits and Pricing page. Please contact us with specific questions.

I am new to the grant writing profession and nonprofit world. How can A Village for Good help me?

We are connecting with nonprofits who need some help with grant readiness and fund development. If you are not ready to take on a client, we have compiled training resources to help you get your feet wet in grant writing and as a freelance professional. When you are ready to take on grant clients, we have a package that offers oversight and support as you build your business. We would love to connect you to the nonprofits looking for a fresh, new grant writer.

I am an established nonprofit but have a small budget. Do you provide grant writing services?

We can work with you to determine your grant readiness. Depending on your organization's needs, we can link you to a freelancer, provide some support services, or we can direct you to an established grant writer or grant writing firm.

What are you doing to make sure your business is fair and accessible?

We ask ourselves that question constantly and the answer will change over time. Our goals are to deeply understand where we all begin this journey so we can identify the parts that need to change. There are so many things we WANT to do to support communities and individuals who have been kept from true success and growth. We know that ACTION is the only way to be part of the movement toward a more equitable society. We invite anyone with suggestions, thoughts, or feelings to share them with us. Your voice and perspective matter. Internally, we are putting our money where our mouths are and paying for resources that help us call out our privilege and commit to anti-racist action.

We invite accountability and engage in communities of practice to learn and grow.

Check Your Privilege Co-Conspirators Lounge

The Ethical Move

Consultants for Good

Social Enterprise Alliance

Our package prices aim to offer some financial flexibility for folks whose resources are more limited than others.

Where is A Village for Good located?

We are working toward being accessible to anyone, anywhere looking to get grant ready. A Village for Good was formed as an LLC in Houston, Texas, and is currently registered as a foreign entity in the state of Missouri. Our founder lives in St. Louis, MO. Driving between the two states is a reminder of this country's painful history of stolen land, forced removal, and ethnic cleansing. Before European exploration and colonization of this land resulted in harmful and overreaching government policies, including the Indian Removal Act of 1830, where indigenous peoples were forced to settle in designated territories in Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska, North America was richly populated with Native American communities. We encourage all members of this community to relearn the history of the land they occupy and acknowledge how we have all come to settle in these places.

If you can’t find your question above, get in touch with us - we’re happy to help.

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