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  • Patrice Shumate

Stocking up for Social Change

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

As A Village for Good begins a new approach to grant writing and fundraising, we are searching the World Wide Web for all the tools we can get our hands on. Social change, social movements, justice and equity work are more than "best practices". They are the work that will ensure our survival as humans. We need community, and that community must be fair and just; our future depends on it.

What's In Your Movement Pantry helps us recognize the tools and resources we already possess that should be shared and available to benefit the movement, change agents, and other communities working toward the same goals. Deepa Iyer and Trish Tchume created a visual framework to help us see what we have and what we need. Take a look at the article and picture what is already on your pantry shelves. What can you share? What do you need to replenish?

© Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0. Building Movement Project. Developed by Deepa Iyer (Building Movement Project) and Trish Tchume (Social & Racial Justice Practitioner)

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