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  • Patrice Shumate

The Grant Readiness Sandwich

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

MMMM! That sounds like tasty fundraising! Just in case you have never thought about grant readiness as a lunchtime favorite, let's give it a try!

Picture the top slice of your sandwich being the passion that created your nonprofit and the bottom slice being the grant application. In between the two slices is a combination of ingredients that are necessary for delicious success.

So, what should be in the middle?

Condiments - the stuff closest to the top bun that has to be in place before you start doing any fundraising or grant writing - organizational documents (letter of determination, org chart, Board list, etc.)

Cheeses or dairy alternatives - the next layer should be a clear identification of who you are serving and why it is needed - statement of need, target population with community data, other organizations offering similar services

Vegetables - the veggie layer is the bright, fresh part that describes impact and hope among heavy topics - program description, outputs and outcomes, identify goals and impact

Meat or meat alternatives - the "protein" of your sandwich will be your financial information that shows the work you are doing in dollars and cents - budgets, clear financials, 990's, audits

Extras - tasty surprises that put a picture to your impact are very handy when a funder allows them to be included - video links, letters of support, annual reports

When you are thinking of jumping into the grant game, picture your organization sandwich and make sure all the layers and ingredients are there! Contact us at to get a checklist of the most common grant required documents and narratives.

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