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  • Patrice Shumate

Are freelancers the gig of the future?

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

The work world is changing ya'll. We are at an interesting intersection among generations coming in and retiring out. We do not all prioritize money, purpose, balance, and leisure in the same order. And I am sure we haven't forgotten how a pandemic can turn professional responsibilities and productivity upside-down. Plus, let's not forget that the grind and scheduling of a typical job has never fit well with personal and family responsibilities like raising children or caring for aging family members.

A 2021 Forbes articles asks the question, "Will the gig economy become the new working-class norm?". The articles states, "The gig economy experienced 33% growth in 2020 and is expanding much faster than the U.S. economy as a whole. About 1.1 billion on-demand gig workers exist worldwide, and 2 million new gig workers emerged in the U.S. in 2020 alone. (You can read the Forbes article here)

Freelance work offers flexibility in ways a 9 to 5 doesn't and allows people to explore new professional roles that may have seemed out of reach before. If you are here reading this, you may already be getting your gig going. While there are so many things to consider, more than can fit in this article, you should know that you aren't alone and there are some wonderful tools out there to get you up and don't have to go it alone. Check out our resources for some help along the way. (You can read more gig statistics here.)

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