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Practice for the Professional

Short or Long-term

We know there aren't many places to practice grant writing and get real experience, so we created one.

Image by Jason Goodman


How does it work and what do you get paid?

Flat Rate Depending on Project

As nonprofit organizations purchase grant-readiness packages, we will reach out to you and see if you are intrested in the project. The package revenue will be divided evenly among the people working on the project which could range from 1-4 people depending on the project.

Flexible Hours and Scheduling

All work will be conducted virtually. You can determine your own working hours as long as the project is completed in the determined timeframe.

Oversight from a Grant Professional

You won't be left to do the work alone. You will always have a grant professional from the Village partnering with you and helping when you need it.

Access to Tools and Resources

When you have gotten all the practice you want, we can help connect you to nonprofits looking for grant writers or share tools and resources for getting started as a freelance grant writer.

Space to Share Your Voice

If you are interested in writing for our Blog or sharing content on our social media pages, we have space for you to explore your voice.

On Your Own

When you are (mostly) ready to set off on your own, we can still support your growth. Grant writing can be a lonely business, so we created a package for grant writers that offers email communications, application reviews, and editing to serve as that extra set of eyes when you need it.

Glad you're here!

There is only so much we can put on a web page but we want you to feel informed about your options. We are happy to talk it through and answer any questions (no sales pitch, we promise :).

Thanks for applying! We’ll be in touch soon.

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