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Goodness, there are a lot of nonprofit resources out there! Have you noticed? It's fantastic there is help for the groups doing good in the world! But, it is also a whole lot to absorb, that's why we are spending the time to sort through everything so you can connect with relevant resources more efficiently.


The resources highlighted below are some of our favs (and think they are worth looking into). Keep scrolling and you can sign up for our full Resource Guide.

Resource Connections

Video Resources coming soon!

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Free Resource Guide

There are loads more resources to share! Sign up for our free resource guide and get updates as more are added!

*Full Disclosure: The guide is a Google Sheet that we update as we find resources tailored to this community. Your email is kept so we can notify you when the guide is updated or if we add additional resources to the website. We will not solicit you in other ways.

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Confessions of a Grant Writer

More Ways To Find What You Need

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Monthly Support

Guidance When You Have a Question or Two

No matter where you find yourself in the nonprofit space, it's likely you have questions from time to time. If those questions are related to grant writing, grant consulting, nonprofit programs, nonprofit fund development, or nonprofit start ups, someone from The Village would be happy to talk things through with you. You are invited to an ongoing monthly call scheduled just for questions and conversations. Anyone is welcome as many times as needed.

Registration is not necessary, but offered for the convenience of keeping your calendar up to date. You can register for calendar dates below.

If you would rather not register, just use the "Zoom link only" button every third Monday of the month at 11:00 AM Central Time. Feel free to email with questions.

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A Little Info Mixed With a Pinch of Humor

We recently got in the social media game and hope to add a new kind of post to your feed. Follow @confessionsofagw on Instagram and you'll get weekly grant writing content with a twist of humor.

Topics are submitted by...YOU! You are invited to complete this anonymous form as often as you would like. Each week, we will pull a "confession" from the form and respond with some helpful information. It is a great place to get something off your chest or ask a question you have no other place to ask. Let's make it content we all want to see!

If you have any suggestions for Confessions of a Grant Writer, we are all ears! You can also follow our regular ole Instagram page @avillageforgood.

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