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Join the Village

As we continue building A Village for Good, our intention is to offer choice and flexibility because we know everyone is joining the Village from a different starting point. We want to be fair and equitable in our pricing options. We hope you contact us with any questions.

Village Traveler

$300 | 1 MONTH

New to the grant world and want to know where your organization fits?

One Month of Support and Resources

Two Scheduled One-on-One Sessions

Connection to Wellness

News and Updates

Curated Resources

Grant Readiness Assessment

Access to Village Connections

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Village Neighbor


$600 | 3 MONTHS

Building the foundation for bringing in grant funds.

Everything in the Traveler Plan

3 months of Support and Resources

Weekly Office Hours

Grant Worksheets and Templates

Funder Prospecting

Village Resident

$1200 | 6 MONTHS

Getting your organization fully Grant-Ready!

Everything in the Traveler and Neighbor Plans

6 months of Support and Resources

Construct Narrative and Messaging

Outcome and Evaluation Design and Review

Budgets and Financial Document Overview

Create Master Grant Narrative

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Image by Sven Brandsma

Practice for the Professional
(grant writers)

We Pay You | ONGOING

If you have some training and education in grant writing but need practice, we can hire you to help with grant-readiness projects.

Flat rate depending on the project

Flexible hours and scheduling

Oversight from a grant professional

Access to tools and resources to grow your experience

Rate Flexibility

These are the same plans as above but the rates are designed to offer financial flexibility to those who need the choice.

Village Traveler


Village Neighbor

Village Resident

Contact us to find out more

Ready to Write!

The prep work is done and you need some guidance as you fund your mission.

Image by Freddy Castro


Application Review and Funder Prospecting

If your organization is grant-ready but could use some guidance through the process, we can offer application review and funder prospecting help as you need it. Rates will vary based on organization size and funding strategy. Contact us for more details!

Image by Minh Pham

Freelance Grant Writers

Grant Writing Guidance and Professional Progress

If you are ready to write grants for clients but could use some helpful advice or guidance, we can help with that as you need it. Rates will vary based on your needs and timeline. Contact us and let's see how we can help!

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