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Connecting Passion with Progress

Our Mission

We bring new nonprofits and new grant professionals together in cultivating their passion and progress through a community of support, encouragement, and resources.

Our Village

Welcome to the Village...look around...stay a while...we are glad you're here. A Village for Good is a social enterprise business mapping a new way to work within nonprofit development and philanthropy - a space where small nonprofit organizations and new grant professionals looking for assistance with grant readiness find support through their specific circumstances into growth and progress. And along the way, we take a look at the parts of philanthropy and fund development that are keeping all of us from doing the most good.

There is so much progress we can make together. Here, in A Village for Good, we can prioritize our wellness while working to make a lasting impact in our, progressive step at a time.


Who We Help

Still where wondering where you fit? 

 Small Nonprofit Organizations 

Looking to Get Grant Ready?

Do you want to incorporate grant funds into your agency's funding strategy but need some help getting grant ready, finding donors, grant writing, or all of the above?  Let us help you connect to relevant resources, work with a passionate community, and learn a whole lot along the way.  We are designed just for you!

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Image by Jess Bailey

Getting to Know You

These assessment forms are designed to help you understand your grant readiness and help us learn more about you. Try it out and see if you are ready to take on grant applications. If you want us to follow up, just add your email to the form.

Small Nonprofit Grant Readiness

Freelancer Grant Readiness

Professional Partner Services

Join the Village

Find the path that works best for you

We hope to offer choice and flexibility with supportive packages for you or your organization. Check out the package options to see if one fits your needs.


Village Traveler

New to the grant world and want to know where you fit?

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Village Neighbor

Building the foundation
for grant funds.

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Village Resident

Getting you fully

Not ready to join us yet? Contact us and find out more ways we can help you.

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