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Our Purpose, Your Passion

Use the Start to make the Change

It seems the best time to make the most effective change is early on in the process - before habits are created, before priorities are shifted, and before we become too exhausted to envision something new. A Village for Good is a place where new nonprofits and new grant professionals can take a minute to envision the good you want to do. We channel support, encouragement, and helpful resources as you build your mission and impact. We link new grant professionals to opportunities and relevant practice as you learn the power of narrative and funding strategy.

Every part of an agency needs to be identified and defined in order to take those first grant writing steps. The Village is a place where you can slow down and focus on the details even when the rest of the world is moving too fast.

Want to know more?

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A Village for Good is a philanthropy distruptor and social enterprise business supporting new nonprofit organizations and new grant professionals while advocating for transformation in philanthropy and the nonprofit sector.

Village Values

A Village for Good believes in:

Equity - We do not all start in the same place with the same resources. Those of us who have more should do more. Let's keep working to ensure the social injustice of our past is not part of our future.

Connection - We can connect with more people around more parts of the world easier than ever...but it feels like our screens are dividing us. Let's commit to real connection and a deeper understanding of one another.

Progress - Every little bit counts. In the early stages of your organization or during times of growth, every small step matters. Let's build on progress and make real, lasting change.

Advocacy - Nonprofit organizations are built to fill in the social and environmental gaps that our society creates. They advocate for the groups who are avoided and forgotten. Let's advocate for a better system to fill those gaps.

Personal Responsibility - Businesses are built by PEOPLE. Decisions are made by PEOPLE. If a business is making negligent or harmful actions, it is because PEOPLE have chosen to. Let’s prioritize one another over the possibility of profits.

People Over Profit - It is possible to prioritize both people and securing revenue to create a stable business. It is not fast or easy, but it is possible…and so worth it!

A Village for good is founded on the belief that amazing amounts of good can be done with support, equality, and community. The fundraising world is playing catch-up with social movements gaining ground around the globe. The more we do individually, the less good we accomplish. Fundraising work CAN be a community-led force, where the folks with the money, the folks with talent, and the folks with the passion are all working on the same team - with equal space - to change the world. We are here to help you navigate a world that is beginning to change. Let's work toward that change A Village for Good.

We believe freelance grant writers and development professionals have a unique opportunity to advocate for the organizations seeking grant funds. We can use our professional positions to guide funders into informed and equitable practices.

Click below to learn more about how The Village got started and who helped build it.

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