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A simple reminder

"Self-Care"'s a nice idea, isn't it?  Doesn't it seem like the people who need it the most are the people who have the least amount of time and resources to devote to it?  Of course we all need to take care of ourselves, but how do we prioritize our well-being over the people who rely on us for their wellness - our clients, our staff, our families?  If you are part of the nonprofit world and on this page, it is likely you are a "helper".  Thank you for helping.  Thank you for your dedication to make someone or something better.  The weight of the dedication can become more than you were intended to carry.  You deserve to be well...happy...content in your efforts.  This is simply a reminder that you deserve to to spend time and effort on things that make you smile and bring you peace - whatever that means for you.

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