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Small Nonprofit Organizations 

Support.  Understanding.  Direction.

Getting Grant Ready (and Beyond!)

Ya'll, it is tough out there! Getting the money to do the work feels impossible when you have to be doing the work before you get the money! It takes time, resources, and direction to get your footing. We want to help. We aren't going to give you the "TOP TIPS for MAKING ALL THE MONEY" because those might not apply to you, right now, in this moment. One of the most helpful things a person can do is LISTEN. We want to know about your experience, your vision, your mission. In a world full of talking, trolling, clicking, and scrolling...A Village for Good is here for sharing, learning, and growing. We have many ways you can join our Village and we hope you look around to find which way fits you best.  You can always reach out to us with questions and we genuinely hope you do.

Image by David Iskander
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